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Sony Vegas Midi Controller?
by Anton Louthander 5 years ago
Hi! I've been googling this around a lot now and can't find a proper answer; Is it possible to use a midi controller, such as a piano keyboard, in Sony Vegas If so, which is the best one you recommend
Re: Sony Vegas Midi Controller?
by Jay Zee 2 months ago
Not to your issue, precisely, but I use a Mackie Control (or Logic Control) and works very well for mixing or soloing tracks, and the JOG wheel is boffo. But a good controller with a Jog wheel could b
VP 14 Version 211 Out
by Mike Carlo 3 years ago
No release notes yet that I can find.
Re: VP 14 Version 211 Out
by Jay Zee 2 years ago
This is a very good question. Samplitude, Magix's flagship for audio, is very efficient resource wise. I would imagine that their video stuff is too, (haven't used it much) but it has been more rudime
Adobe Premiere vs. Vegas Pro
by Rob Cioffi 3 years ago
A new year has begun and I'm resolved (no pun intended) to expand my NLE skills. I'm working my way through a thorough Premiere course and I'm wondering: Is there anything that Vegas does that Premier
Re: Adobe Premiere vs. Vegas Pro
by Jay Zee 2 years ago
Vegas is vastly superior in just ease of getting basic things done, it is more direct, more WYSIWYG, and functions like audio programs, as that is its roots. Also, the audio is much more flexible and
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