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which wide angle lens
by Tessa Garland 6 years ago
Hi I have this amazing opportunity to shoot video in a dark space that I will need to light artificially. Some of the rooms are really small and I need to purchase a prime wide angle lens to assist me
Re: which wide angle lens
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
Tokina 11-16 if you are shooting on a crop sensor Canon. About as wide and fast as you're going to get. If full frame well the options are all over the place.
clean white backdrop
by Jonnie Lewis 6 years ago
Hello all, I'm going to be shooting some simple clothing videos in a photography studio where a model simply stands on the spot and moves ever so slightly. The studio has a large white backdrop which
Re: clean white backdrop
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
Oh and make sure you WB to the back ground and when you do it. Make sure that your camera is seeing it at about 70%.
Can you recommend a viewfinder?
by Jon Hwan 6 years ago
Please recommend a viewfinder of two categories: expensive but the best bang for the buck, and a dirt cheap(under $20) viewfinder. If you have any experience with the dirt cheap viewfinders please tel
Re: Can you recommend a viewfinder?
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
If by viewfinders you mean something like the Zucato Pro or the Hoodman, I own both and they are priced accordingly. The Hoodman is almost worse than worthless, the Zucato Pro (expensive) but worth ev
Shooting a welder on DSLR
by Jeff Beaumont 6 years ago
A client I am shooting for new week just informed me that they will be doing welding during our shoot (heavy industrial exterior stuff, ships, barges, cranes etc.). I've directed many shoots where wel
Re: Shooting a welder on DSLR
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
But just like your eye it does matter how long you are looking at the weld. A quick shot, probably no harm done.
DSLR Video Upgrade
by Irene Delponte 6 years ago
Hello you guys! I work as a 2D animator and I do motion graphics, but sometimes I work doing videos. I own a Nikon D3100 and sometimes I think it's not good enough. I mean I could get a better footage
Re: DSLR Video Upgrade
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
G6 is a great camera for a great price, but not a large sensor camera. It's 4 3rds and it has some of it's own drawbacks. If you want wide angle or shallow DOF it's much more challenging to accomplish
Live output from Canon DSLR's Via HDMI
by Stephen Rutledge 6 years ago
I know this might sound nubee, but i am wanting to take a live view out of any one of the Canon DSLR's via the HDMI output, and run it into the BlackMagic Designs ATEM Production Switcher.. Can this w
Re: Live output from Canon DSLR's Via HDMI
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
You will need to run audio separately though.
5D Mark iii Audio over HDMI
by Kevin Young 6 years ago
As nice as it is to have clean video over HDMI, I am surprised there does not seem to be any concern for the lack of audio. I record external audio quiet frequently, but sometimes I just need a few qu
Re: 5D Mark iii Audio over HDMI
by Jay Porter 6 years ago
Why not just plug the audio into the Ninja to start with It seems that would be the cleanest best option. I use a Beachtech to bring the audio in mix and then into the recorder.
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