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Shared storage + MAM system + LTO
by Craig Ricker 4 years ago
Looking to do a significant upgrade in our workflows. This will include a MAM, central shared storage, and a LTO system when LTO7 is released. So far have investigated and found: Empress EMAM - $17k (
Re: Shared storage + MAM system + LTO
by Jason Starne 4 years ago
Hi Craig, I believe you're on the right track also with CatDV at the from end. There are many solutions out there on the server side and in my opinion since that will become your heart for the MAM you
Terrablock vs DDP
by Salvador Garza 4 years ago
Hi everyone! Been tasked with selecting a shared storage solution for a postproduction house. Currently running on a 32TB XSan that's well above 80% utilization. (Permissions nightmare due to a last m
Re: Terrablock vs DDP
by Jason Starne 4 years ago
Hi Sal Sorry for all the confusion. If you'd like to see a demo in Houston I can set that up for you. Let me know. My email is jason@cinesysinc.com. Thanks.
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