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November 22nd 2013
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Object Avoid
by Jason Smith 6 years ago
Hi, I'm trying use X-Particles to make them act like a crowd simulator. Is there a way to make it so that if I have a Box in front of the particles, that they start to peel to either side instead of r
Re: Object Avoid
by Brian Jones 6 years ago
or possibly an Attractor set to negative values with the right shape of falloff
Loose Hinges
by Jason Smith 7 years ago
Hi, First post here, so hopefully this is enough info. I'm just getting used to dynamic tags and hinges in Cinema4D. What I'm trying to do is create a facade similar to Elisa Strozyk's wooden textile
Re: Loose Hinges
by Jason Smith 7 years ago
Yeah, yesterday I experimented with cloning the equilateral triangles to a flat plane and making it a soft body, based of greyscalegorilla's chain mail tutorial. I couldn't get them to behave as if th
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