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My Preview is no longer working? PLEASE!!!
by Jason Kohnke 3 months ago
Hello, I have changed absolutely nothing systemwise... I can scroll through the timeline and see all footage but when hitting spacebar, I get nothing. The timeline moves as if its playing but nothing
Re: My Preview is no longer working? PLEASE!!!
by John Gardner 3 months ago
When I switch between bluetooth headsets & wired monitors, my playback will stop working too. So in case that might be your situation, just go to your preferences & toggle the audio hardware settings
Disengaging Snapping
by Jason Kohnke 10 months ago
Hello all, I am not able to figure out why Snap keeps disengaging in Premiere Pro. I will engage and sure enough, a few minutes later, it will have disengaged. Any thoughts Abacus Haley
Re: Disengaging Snapping
by Tristan Finn 10 months ago
toggle magnet under the timecode on your sequence. Look at your keyboard shortcuts as you might want to remap the snap button.
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