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Creative Freelancer in the Nashville area market, but will do projects nationwide.
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September 5th 2007
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Nashville, TN
Freelance "Jack-of-all-media-trades" available in Nashville, TN
by Jason Coleman 8 years ago
Freelancer with specialties in video and design available in the Nashville, TN area. I've traveled all over the country shooting video for the National Guard, done local advertising for cable companie
Print to Video
by Jennifer Hoge 11 years ago
I am editing in Final Cut Studio 2. I am having issues printing to video. Once I begin recording, the video image disappears and the deck only records the audio portion. I can monitor the timeline on
Re: Print to Video
by Jason Coleman 11 years ago
I'm sorry to see you have not gotten a response to this. I was really hoping to see good information here. We've been struggling with the same issue. We have an AJ-HD 1400P that actually needs to be t
using compressor
by Jason Coleman 11 years ago
I'm trying to deliver a small 16x9 QT movie about 360x270 to a client. My project sequence is DVCProHD 720p60 960x720. However, I've been unable to use export to compressor to achieve this and the fin
Re: using compressor
by Jason Coleman 11 years ago
Turns out...I'm an idiot...I hate to admit it, but I've found the problem. In my defense, several people use the machine I work from. Turns out, it doesn't matter what you set your stuff to compress i
corrupt audio files
by AccountClosed 11 years ago
I'm working on FCP 6 and I'm getting this wierd problem that I've encountered on other projects, my music is going corrupt. I'll lay down a musical bed track (this time a wav. file) and then a day or
Re: corrupt audio files
by Jason Coleman 11 years ago
I'm not claiming to know everything, but I'd check two things: 1) Doublecheck that your hard drive is not highly fragmented and or very full. It's best to edit with at least a 7200 RPM drive that's no
Varicam footage through 1400 via firewire to FCP 5?
by Jason Coleman 11 years ago
I'm having difficulty digitizing footage from the AJ-HD1400 via firewire into FCP 5. I have good deck control and can shuttle just fine. If I set in out points and log a clip the in out points go away
Re: Varicam footage through 1400 via firewire to FCP 5?
by john sharaf 11 years ago
Sailor, There are settings on both the deck and FCP which could be screwing you up. First off, make sure the deck is outputting HD through the firewire and not DVCPRO50 or 25. Then confirm your captur
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