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FCP Export 3 Days
by Jason Black 7 years ago
We're doing a 3.5 hour doc with hundreds of shots. We just got finished with coloring all of them thru NewBlueFX Color Fixer Plus, which changed all the rendered shots to un-rendered (because of addin
Re: FCP Export 3 Days
by Edward Troxel 7 years ago
You might test rendering in 8-bit which should speed things up. You might also test with GPU Acceleration in the plugin both on and off to see if one is faster than the other. Edward Troxel
Moving Objects Plugin?
by Jason Black 9 years ago
I've seen all sorts of moving objects through video. I'm looking for a free plugin or free footage somewhere that has these moving grunge effects circles swirls that move through the screen.
Re: Moving Objects Plugin?
by Steve Eisen 9 years ago
Motion includes many options to create this and it's free. There are other paid plug-ins that will do the work for you. Digital Juice, not a plug-in has a variety to choose from. Steve Eisen Eisen Vid
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File format issues
by Jason Black 9 years ago
I have to convert my Apple Intermediate Codec (Mac) files to an AVID-friendly file. Which will give the best quality (or are the all the same): 1) .mov H.264 codec 2) MPEG4 H.264 codec 3) .mov ProRes4
Re: File format issues
by Jason Black 9 years ago
Great, thanks! So, I should format the drive in OS Extended Journaled (not regular OS Extended)
Copyrighted Music
by Jason Black 11 years ago
I'm hearing all sorts of copyrighted music (not royalty free music) on almost every wedding clip posted online. Is there some sort of service that helps with licensing for small independents
Re: Copyrighted Music
by Kerry Brown 11 years ago
Try this service. http: www.zoomlicense.com KB
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