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aja kona 3 firmware
by Jan Klonowski 7 years ago
hi guys, iv got an used kona 3 but got some problems unsing avid and scratch, mazze from the assimilate mentioned firmware update. unfortunatly i cant find any updater for this, i use driver version 1
Re: aja kona 3 firmware
by Kevin Christopher 7 years ago
You have newer Firmware than I do, but older drivers. I run both mac and PC via boot camp. on the mac there is a firmware updating application. If memory serves me correctly on the PC side the driver
different length in premiere and ME
by Jan Klonowski 7 years ago
hi folks may you can help... ive got a feature film with length of 1:40:30 in 23,976 edited in ppro when im exporting premiere shows 1:40:30 but mediaencoder shows 1:40:36 as sequence time...and after
Re: different length in premiere and ME
by Tom Daigon 7 years ago
Boy that almost sounds like the difference between how NDF and DF timecode . Tom Daigon PrP After Effects Editor www.hdshotsandcuts.com http: www.youtube.com watch v=DxPrG3WUyz8 (Best viewed at 1080P
sd-sdi HD-dvi and HD-component at same time
by Jan Klonowski 8 years ago
hi folks ilike to know if foloowing setup will work i use avid mc6 and like to connect a hd monitor via dvi and hd component while using an sd waveformer at the sdi connection until yet it only works
multibridge extreme setup
by Jan Klonowski 8 years ago
hi folks,,, i recieved a bmd multibridge extreme (i gues its legacy yet) but i cant get it working... unfortunatly i didnt get the pci-express cable... but it seems like it is an duallink dvi so i bou
Aja Io Express as converter
by Jan Klonowski 9 years ago
Hi folks, i likle to buy an io express, but there is one question left which coudn't answered by the net. Is it possibvle to use the io express as an converter to convert hdmi to sdi without any app l
Re: Aja Io Express as converter
by Jeremy Garchow 9 years ago
Unfortunately, the ioExpress does not have a standalone mode. The ioHD does. Jeremy
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