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Applying textures to different polygons
by Jamie Ortiz 8 months ago
Hello! Beginner here. Is there a way to apply different textures to different polygons Thanks in advance!
Re: Applying textures to different polygons
by Brian Jones 8 months ago
depends on what you want, you can select polygons and make a selection tag and assign that to a material so the material only show on those polygons and you can make all the polys in an object with th
AE to WebM?
by Jamie Ortiz 10 months ago
Hi! I'm creating animations for web in AE with transparency (animated buttons with text, animated illustrations, etc.). I have been using the Apple ProRes 444 codec, then using a converter to convert
Re: AE to WebM?
by Dave LaRonde 10 months ago
ProRes 444 doesn't support alpha channels, for one thing. However, ProRes 4444 does. As for differences, The ProRes family of codecs is 10-bit. Animation is 8-bit. That may not matter. But if you're m
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