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Unused clips
by Frank Valtellina 7 years ago
Hi guys, how can I select unused clips in the browser Thanks
Re: Unused clips
by Jamie H. 7 years ago
Micah, that's brilliant. Thank you! Although I sincerely hope FCPX soon adds a way to show hide or visually mark clips that are NOT used in the timeline (similar to how PPro does it in their thumbnail
airline pilot/astronaut audio effects
by Jamie H. 10 years ago
Anyone have any ideas for taking an audio clip and making it sound like the person is on the moon or perhaps sound like they are an airline pilot's radio to air traffic control which sounds similar. I
Re: airline pilot/astronaut audio effects
by david bogie 10 years ago
In the olden days, even though we had analog processors, we'd put a microphone in front of an intercom speaker and have our talent run their lines through the box. Using various intercoms, PAs, batter
Audio Drop Out Ghost
by Jamie H. 10 years ago
Hi all, Yes, I did read a few posts on audio-drop outs but I didn't see anything there that fixed my issue specifically. At certain points in my SD sequence the audio drops out. Its a compilation of s
Re: Audio Drop Out Ghost
by Bret Williams 10 years ago
I've seen weird audio stuff like this. Usually has to do with audio rendering and or mixdown. You change something, but Fcp still utilizes a render file. Happens frequently if you mixdown mid project.
Understanding 24p, Codecs, etc.
by Jamie H. 10 years ago
This is my first post. Yeay! I read countless posts and gratefully many questions have been answered over time but a THREE sticky points remain. Any help on these would be greatly appreciated. FYI: I
Re: Understanding 24p, Codecs, etc.
by Jamie H. 10 years ago
Thank you both so much. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! To Dave & Gary... (First to Gary) I have an iMac purchased in late 2007 so its fairly current. ProRes is always mentione
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