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Cache-A alternative
by Jamie Crausman 4 years ago
We use a Cache-A pro cache unit to archive our media. We have (mostly) been happy with the integration between CatDV and Cache-A but are now being told by ProMax that they are ending support for our u
Re: Cache-A alternative
by Jamie Crausman 4 years ago
Thanks Josh and Bryson for your replies. Finding a new LTO archiving solution for CatDV is only part of the problem. I've got a existing archive of more than 60 LTO 5 tapes created using Cache-A. We n
HD recorders
by Jamie Crausman 13 years ago
Greetings, I'm wondering if anybody has experience recording live events to hard disk. My client is having a conference in March. Each session will last about 2 hours. Usually they record everything t
Re: HD recorders
by Joe Womble 13 years ago
Andy, I know folks who are having a lot of success recording to the Grass Valley Turbo drives. Is there a reason you did not mention these Regards, Joe Womble
Final Cut Pro 6!!
by Ron Thompson 14 years ago
With new Intel machines on the way, one can only assume a new FCP by years end. What kind of features requests are people looking for. I have a short list: --Multi-codec timelines (software or hardwar
Re: Final Cut Pro 6!!
by Jamie Crausman 14 years ago
A reliable way to trace a clip back to the original bin it came from, even if that bin is from a different project.
FCP 5 on powerbook g4 1.5 ghz
by Jamie Crausman 14 years ago
Anybody out there using FCP 5 on a powerbook I have a chance to pick up a 15" 1.5ghz with 2 gigs of RAM, I'd like to know what I'll like and what I'll hate about editing with this hardware (I already
Re: FCP 5 on powerbook g4 1.5 ghz
by bill 14 years ago
Oliver you are correct, i was typing slower than i was thinking. What I meant to say is in order for these application to survive they have to be able to run nativly. Running through rosetta is a joke
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