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Feedback on my reel??
by JamesP 13 years ago
Hey hey -- I'm trying to move away from editing only and have had a hard time trying to come up with a reel -- anyone with two minutes to kill, head over to my web site at www.jamespapadopoulos.com an
Re: Feedback on my reel??
by Greg Ball 13 years ago
I love your creative attempt, and I like the look of your website....nice job! However, your demo reel doesn't wow me. You site talks about steadicam, but I don't remember seeing anything. I also don'
Coments on my reel?
by JamesP 14 years ago
Hey all, don't know if this is the right way to post, I've been trying to get things up here buit anyhow.. check out my reel and let me know what you think! http: www.JamesPapadopoulos.com Thanks! Jam
Re: Coments on my reel?
by Dex Craig 14 years ago
Hey -- I loved the reel. As said above, enough of it stands out to capture attention. That said, it is kind of hard to tell what you did; for instance, did you track "heteroville" into the crane shot
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