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FCP X now with Xsan support
by Andrew Richards 9 years ago
Apple's update page: "Create and edit your Final Cut Pro X projects and Events on Xsan. Ideal for multi-user workflows, you can import media through Final Cut Pro X and place it directly on the SAN. M
Re: FCP X now with Xsan support
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Well, back to waiting on Apple to decide whether it's worth caring or not! Right now we use FCPX and Premiere Pro side by side but until they let FCPX play on the same setup as just about every other
by Gregorio Paolini 9 years ago
Bob, assuming that Final Cut Pro X is a mess; but hoping - I don't know if it will be an illusion - that it can be upgraded in the next months ( ) for professionals can you confirm that it is impossib
Re: FCPX and SAN - getting somewhere
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Steve, thanks for the response. Opening a project that someone else was working on 5 minutes ago when they've just left just gone for a cup of coffee... IS the greatest thing in post-production as far
CalDigit SuperShare
by Doug Bassett 10 years ago
Anyone using CalDigit SuperShare It sounds too good to be true. There must be something I'm missing. 20Gbs at half the price of editshare or xsan plus you can use any san software you want. There has
Re: CalDigit SuperShare
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Are you saying that MetaSAN is already "installed" in the SuperShare switch If so, how are we supposed to maintain, update it Is it a "server" What's it running Hard to spend money on things we don't
small-tree, xserve, metaLAN and... iMOVIE!!
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Hi all, first let me say this entire site, and Bob Zelin's contributions in the Ethernet sphere... totally rock... lost without you really. Ok, we have just 4 Mac Pros and we're implementing an ethern
Re: small-tree, xserve, metaLAN and... iMOVIE!!
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Thanks Bob, I understand we'd be expanding by SAS expander, but I keep reading things like this: http: discussions.apple.com message.jspa messageID=3103912 How would you do it Run iPartition on your p
SAN setup
by Bjarki Gudjonsson 9 years ago
Hi guys. My company has been growing steadily, and we will start post on a mini-series in the new year. Being in Iceland means that this doesn't quite have the glorious budget we'd like but a SAN is n
Re: SAN setup
by James O'Connor 9 years ago
Hi Bob, I keep reading with interest "you don't need any kind of SAN software"... but I'm wondering - and posted elsewhere - what takes control of the storage pool We had Caldigit hardware too and the
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