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custom workspace causing crash
by Dave Fleming 8 years ago
After creating a custom workspace in PPro over dual monitors (see attached), the application now crashes every time when it opens to this custom workspace! I don't have the problem whenever I have a p
Re: custom workspace causing crash
by James Greene 8 years ago
Glad to hear you got it sorted out Dave. I know how frustrating it can be to encounter these "isolated" glitches. I still can't get my multi-camera window to function right. JG
Stuck in ad loop when trying to watch videos
by James Greene 8 years ago
Hello, Recently, whenever I attempt to click on a video link on this site I am redirected to an infinite ad loop. I'm using Chrome 12.0.742.122 Thanks, JG
Re: Stuck in ad loop when trying to watch videos
by James Greene 8 years ago
Yes, everything seems to work now. Sorry, I could have offered a bit more info: I do (and did) have cookies enabled. I was attempting to navigate via the "click here to play video tutorial" buttons an
Poor Quality Output
by Leng Ong 9 years ago
I have tried every file type and quality adjustment for my files when exporting them from premiere and importing them into encore. It seems that once I create the mpeg2 or transcode it in encore the r
Re: Poor Quality Output
by James Greene 9 years ago
Thank you for posting the link Paul, I have also recently been required to produce SD DVDs from HD content (until now I've had a strictly HD, file based workflow) and I am finding that the results of
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