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Aspect Ratios
by Adam Rosenberg 4 years ago
I'm playing around with different aspect ratios for a short film. I feel like 2.35 crops too much and 1.85 crops too little. Is there any reason against splitting the difference and making it 2.10 I k
Re: Aspect Ratios
by James Furness 4 years ago
The question is a little too technical for me! discover.film is a great networking sights for short filmmakers to ask questions and get brilliant advice. Thanks to their film industry community I've a
LIFE - a sci-fi robot short movie by Pixelhunters
by Ani Atanasova 6 years ago
Dear friends, we are happy to share our short film called LIFE https: vimeo.com 105589851 Hope you will enjoy it and please give us your thoughts
Ani Atanasova liked this 6 years ago
Re: LIFE - a sci-fi robot short movie by Pixelhunters
by James Furness 4 years ago
That was a great short, Ani! Are you still making them I'm currently finishing mine up to put in the new discover.film festival. You should check it out, as you clearly have a great skill! There are s
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