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Re: Apple and Adobe Software: Together
by Aindreas Gallagher 5 years ago
Dennis - call a spade a spade - your company is involved in rentier capitalism. You are leveraging decades old software to produce free frictionless money. You're a stale landlord. You have digital la
Jim Wiseman liked this 5 years ago
Re: Marking IN and OUT points on multiple clips...
by Oliver Peters 5 years ago
To answer the question directly, here's how to do the trims in FCP X. Assuming the clips can be sorted in the correct sequential order, then select all and edit them to a timeline. Then in the timelin
James Ewart liked this 5 years ago
Re: Marking IN and OUT points on multiple clips...
by Bret Williams 5 years ago
Now that is an awesome trick.
James Ewart liked this 5 years ago
Re: RedShark News: Opinion: Which are the best NLEs right now?
by tony west 6 years ago
James Ewart "Thanks I'll look into RX4. What does it do " I will let Oliver's article do the heavy lifting but the most impressive thing it can do to me is fix clipped sound. It used to be that if so
James Ewart liked this 6 years ago
Re: New FCPX confirmed for December
by Gerrit Van Dyke 7 years ago
Looks nice, I personally can't stand the rounded edges of the clips - I get it from an aesthetics point of view, but I hate how it's harder to see how if clips on separate layers line up properly on t
David Lawrence liked this 7 years ago
Re: Flexible Clip connections
by Michael Sanders 8 years ago
its the weird button - should be to the right of the left hand shift key. Michael Sanders London Based DP Editor
James Ewart liked this 8 years ago
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