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2008 iMac 8gb Ram?
by Trent Whittington 12 years ago
Hey COW, Was wondering if its possible to load 8Gb of RAM into my 2008 iMac 24inch 3.06Ghz I know the 2009 iMac's can have up to 8GB ram, is this true with the 2008 iMac Trent Whittington - Currently
Re: 2008 iMac 8gb Ram?
by Jerry McNabbin 11 years ago
I know this is an old thread but I have to say that, despite the official limitations, you can indeed have up to 6GB of RAM AT LEAST in your iMac. Check out the post linked below. http: forums.macrumo
time mashine back up..
by Stevie Scarlatos 12 years ago
I turned my external hard drive into a Time machine backup.. And know i want turn it into a normal hard drive, but i cant i just cant understand how it works I have macosx 10.5.4.. My hard drive doesn
Re: time mashine back up..
by Jerry McNabbin 12 years ago
You shouldn't have to reformat the drive. Go to System Preferences Time Machine and click the 'On Off' swith in the bottom left corner to stop Time Machine backing up to that drive. You may also want
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