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Docking Stations
by James Araki 3 months ago
Does anyone know of a SATA docking station with firewire external ports (400 & 800) Thanks
Re: Docking Stations
by Neil Sadwelkar 3 months ago
If you need an enclosure, then these will probably work. OWC Mercury Elite Pro Single Bay Multi-Interface Storage Enclosure Kit Acomdata Samba USB 2.0 Firewire 400 3.5-Inch SATA Hard Drive Enclosure S
stealth camera
by James Araki 1 year ago
We are going over seas and would like a suggestion for a stealth camera set up something that is not too big and won't draw attention. Thanks
Re: stealth camera
by James Araki 1 year ago
4K is needed 8 bit OK Budget around $1000 but if need be can go higher dosen't have to shoot RAW
Anton Bauer Batteries (OLD)
by James Araki 3 years ago
We just aquired a TV Station. And they had some Anton Bauer Batteries. We have a couple of Anton Bauer CHARGERS (InterActive 2000) The Batteries just beep Are they just Dead
Re: Anton Bauer Batteries (OLD)
by Sam Lee 3 years ago
I think these batts are to be disposed or recycled. I worked with many TV stations in the past and have personally witnessed with the utter neglect and abuse of the batts. Instead of the 4-6 years use
James Araki 5 years ago
In Final Cut 7
using compressor is there a way to to set the bitrate, for a mpeg2 program stream, to 8? I know you can do this in FCP 6. Is there a way to do this in FCP 7?
Final Cut Pro: Video PlayBack Setting
by James Araki 5 years ago
One of our systems, just lost the video playback settings for our AJA IO Box. I don't think it's the cable or the box (switched with another system and it works fine). I think Final Cut just lost its
Re: Final Cut Pro: Video PlayBack Setting
by James Araki 5 years ago
we will try this and let you know thanks
exporting file to SONY PDW F70 (XDCAM)
by James Araki 9 years ago
I am having a problem exporting a finished quicktime to a SONY XDCAM PDW F70. I keep getting the error 2015 or Error writing MXF file any ideas
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