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DNA like shape in Adobe AE
by Jakub Wiśniewski 2 months ago
Hello, Is it possible to bend 3d layer shape like that in After Effects I want to get 3d object similar to DNA shape. Hope this has a solution Many thanks!
Re: DNA like shape in Adobe AE
by Jack Chavez 2 months ago
A very simple way would be use use the Cineware layer in AE. That gives you access to full 3D modeling tools. I wouldn't be surprised if you were able to find a free 3D model in OBJ format online and
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middle null object expression?>
by Jakub Wiśniewski 2 years ago
Hello, I have two null objects which are trackers. I need to create 3rd obj which will be exactly in the middle of my trackers. What should I do
Re: middle null object expression?>
by Walter Soyka 2 years ago
You just need the average of the two points. Something like this will work as an expression on the position property of a null layer (modify layer tracker names as necessary to suit your comp): p1 = t
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