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Autosave issues
by Jake Kranz 3 months ago
Hi all. I downloaded the 2019 version of Premire pro, and It was running slow on my system. I am currently using the 2018 version. On export I must have clicked on save as and the computer froze witho
Red Line newest update
by Jake Kranz 5 months ago
I don't understand why I should be getting a red line on my timeline with regular high definition footage. with 4 k it's sometimes lags. Never had this with earlier versions . I also Updated my driver
Re: Red Line newest update
by Jake Kranz 5 months ago
Thanks for your reply. I never knew that was normal (maybe for this version). Never saw this with HD. This footage is 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps MP4. There were no effects, just the raw footage. out of the c
Sync issues. Windows?
by Jake Kranz 6 months ago
Hi all I shot a guitar player in 4k so I would be able to zoom in at different times, My computer has a some difficulty with multiple stacked files in 4k, but after rendering I never had an issue. I h
Re: Sync issues. Windows?
by Jon Doughtie 6 months ago
Clearing cache indeed might help. If the Windows update made any changes to audio video drivers, that could also make things get funky. System: Dell Precision T7600 (x2) Win 7 64-bit 32GB RAM Adobe CC
computer running Premiere pro CC newest update
by Jake Kranz 12 months ago
Hi all, Last week i upgraded to the 12.1 (Kentos) seems that this is the latest version of cc. I opened some footage that was 4k and it was very slugguish. Other versions was less sluggish although if
Re: computer running Premiere pro CC newest update
by Todd Perchert 11 months ago
Jake Kranz "my footage is on a WD Black series drive." Is this drive a single WD Black 7200 rpm HDD
animating a mask
by Jake Kranz 2 years ago
Hi I must be doing something wrong , but after masking out a subject, I wanted to animate it with key frames, when I drag it, the entire canvas moves. i can't seem to move the subject itself from the
Re: animating a mask
by Jake Kranz 2 years ago
Thank you all for your suggestions. If none works out for me , I'm ready to just use premiere and Photoshop to accomplish what I want to do. Thanks again! Jake
Slowing down footage temporarily to edit
by Jake Kranz 4 years ago
Hi everyone. I recently have started transitioning from Vegas to PP. I have some audio that i want to precisely sync with video pics. I want to slow down the playback to make these edits easier to do.
line missing after initializing vegas
by Jake Kranz 7 years ago
Hi all, I recently put vegas (movide studio platinum 10) back to it's default, and now when I try to put clips together, there's no color line that shows up when to tracks are touching. I tried to go
Re: line missing after initializing vegas
by Mike Kujbida 7 years ago
The F8 key turns Snapping on and off.
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