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Illustrator CS2 to Cinema4D
by Jacob Mathew 14 years ago
I've read similar posts about importing paths from illustrator to cinema4D, but for the life of me, I can not get it to work. I create a vector shape in Illustrator. I try to save as an Illustrator 8
Re: Illustrator CS2 to Cinema4D
by Jacob Mathew 14 years ago
Feel free to share this information with me.... =P Just kidding, I figured it out too. You just do a regular "Save As", (saving as an .ai file) and click OK, and then a SECOND menu (a menu I never pay
bend extrude voila!
by Jacob Mathew 14 years ago
I created a star-shaped spline. Then I applied the extrude nurb on it. Now I have this long star-shaped "stick". Now, I want to bend it so its not fully straight but more upside down "U" shaped. (basi
Re: bend extrude voila!
by Brian Jones 14 years ago
it should work if the star is the first child of your extrude and the bend is the second child
creating a gigantic field
by Jacob Mathew 14 years ago
I've modeled a patch of grass with a polygon object and I want to create a very large field out of it. (so I can have big long camera sweeps) I tried creating several instances of it and just moving t
Re: creating a gigantic field
by Samir Kharchi 14 years ago
Have a look at DPIT Nature Spirit (http: www.dpit2.de). It has special tools to create grass. It also allows instancing of groups. So you could for example create a small area of grass and distribute
basic extrude question
by Jacob Mathew 14 years ago
i created some basic 3D text with the ExtrudeNURB. Easy. But, I want the face of the type to be one color and the extruded part (the side) to be a different color. I havent been able to figure it out,
Re: basic extrude question
by Nolan Scott 14 years ago
C1 = Cap 1 C2 = Cap 2 R1 = Rounding 1 R2 = Rounding 2 Cheers Nolan
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