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Freezing live motion
by Isaiah McNeill 6 years ago
So I've been working on this film and I want to know if there are any techniques to freeze time yet the camera still moves within the frozen world. I've seen it done in a few movies, and I can't think
Re: Freezing live motion
by George Goodman 6 years ago
If you don't want to do it with cameras (although renting a bunch may be affordable), here's how you would do it: http: 2013 11 19 creating-motion-stills-animate-photo-post-parallax-effe
Magic Lantern
by Isaiah McNeill 6 years ago
Has anybody ever taken the chance of using magic lateen on a rented camera If I take the card out will the camera be ok to return Thanks in advanced!
Re: Magic Lantern
by Ryan Holmes 6 years ago
Warren Eig " my 5D Miii is at firmware 1.2.3. I'm waiting and hoping ML releases a Raw solution with this version of the Canon's firmware." We had 1.2.1 on our camera to test the "clean" HDMI out. It
Motion Tracking more than one tracker.
by Isaiah McNeill 6 years ago
I have already tracked one point. But now I am trying to add a tracker point and attach it to another object in my footage but there only show one option when I click the scroll down menu. Is there an
Re: Motion Tracking more than one tracker.
by Matt Davis 6 years ago
Isaiah - Have you had any luck Need any further assistance
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