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Isaac David Quesada

I am a freelance animator (and editor). I am also a very passionate documentary producer. My goal is to collaborate with visual creators from around the world to create amazing films.
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September 7th 2018
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Selling AE Templates
by Isaac David Quesada 2 weeks ago
What are your thoughts about selling AE templates Does any of you make a living out of it For those of you who do it, what is your experience do you recommend it What is the best website to do so What
Re: Selling AE Templates
by Richard Garabedain 1 week ago
Some people make a really good living selling templates...i have tried myself..but its like trying to be the next big hit on youtube...what goes viral seems to be random and unpredictable...but I have
Motion Design Demo Reel
by Isaac David Quesada 3 months ago
Hi Fellow Cows I am sharing my updated demo reel as a motion designer. All comments are not only welcome but highly encouraged and appreciated. I hope we can build some projects together in the future
Todd Soaper liked this 4 weeks ago
Re: Motion Design Demo Reel
by Isaac David Quesada 4 weeks ago
Wow, awesome! Thank you very much for taking the time to give me this much amount of feedback. It is truly very appreciated and of course I will take it into consideration! You rock! Thanks my friend!
Key Words?
by Greg Ball 3 months ago
For any of you that specialize in corporate business videos what are your main key words for Google Right now I rank highest using "Video Production Company" Second is "Video Production Companies" But
Re: Key Words?
by Isaac David Quesada 3 months ago
I sometimes use: ad filmmaking services video marketing I am inteterested on getting more ideas too. Freelance Motion Designer Everything can become an animating tool
Photo/Video Credits
by Eric Santiago 5 months ago
Working with some folks new to the business and I myself have never worked on credits for docs. How much detail is required for these photo video credits I was going to copy and paste an example but o
Re: Photo/Video Credits
by Isaac David Quesada 3 months ago
I have been working for 3 years on cultural documentaries for my government. I have to add a lot of people to the credits who were not even part of the production process but have political authority.
Editing and music composition
by Oliver Peters 5 months ago
Simon Ubsdell's thoughts on the similarities between editing and music composition: https: 2018 11 22 editing-and-music-composition - Oliver Oliver Peters -
Re: Editing and music composition
by Isaac David Quesada 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing. I am very glad to come across this essay since I have been studying musical theory recently, trying to incorporate it to my work as an editor. I agree, the obvious way to introduce
Thoughts on our reel
by Tom Clare 4 months ago
We put together a new reel as a small (4 person) production company. We tried to get a bit creative with it, including some 'storytelling' VFX elements. Please let me know what you think, all feedback
Re: Thoughts on our reel
by Isaac David Quesada 3 months ago
Amazing job guys! It is very atmospheric, I can immediatly get the scenes of what you stand for. I think that is what a demo reel should show, not only the things you have done, but the things you asp
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