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Premiere Pro CS3 Crash on start up
by Declan O'Connell 9 years ago
Our Premiere CS3 crashes on start up. It gets just past the splash screen, menu bar appears for an instant and then terminates. We have updated to 3.2.0, we've reinstalled, updated drivers... all to n
Re: Premiere Pro CS3 Crash on start up
by Infaas Nias 8 years ago
Hi, I am sorry, I was occupied and was going through a few problems of my own, I might have missed the notification, I hope you fixed your problem as suggested by Cornie du Plessis , try searching for
Program will not start up
by Justin Philips 9 years ago
I have premiere pro CS3 with the AJA video card. All has been well and good for almost a year. Just before the long weekend, I had a severe crash. I just restarted and left. Returned to work yesterday
Infaas Nias liked this 9 years ago
Re: Program will not start up
by Infaas Nias 8 years ago
Thank you very much, your post helped me, now I am gonna help others on this forum;)
slow motion
by Infaas Nias 9 years ago
Hi everyone, I wanted to create a slow motion clip (a small stone falling on a leaf), i shot it increasing the shutter speed to 10,000.. but when i changed the clip speed to 50% in AE & also premiere
Re: slow motion
by Dave LaRonde 9 years ago
I gave you incorrect information, and I apologize. Here's the revised -- and proper -- procedure to follow: In your mind's eye, envision the shot. Use the stopwatch to time the stone as it falls throu
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