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EX!R Audio Settings
by Dean Longfield 8 years ago
Recently purchased an EX!R and took it into the field to record an event in a nightclub, (loud but not distorted music). The EX1R was just there for testing and was not the main cam. So I left the aud
Re: EX!R Audio Settings
by Ilya Spektor 8 years ago
In Manual audio mode you have to go to Audio Menu and Trim Level from default -41db down to -35db or even lower to -29db or so... Gain should be between 5 and 6... ___________________________ Thank yo
Adapter SD Card Media problems ...again..a painful lesson in production
by Brent Dunn 10 years ago
I thought I'd share this with everyone. First, I haven't had a chance to update my firmware in the EX-1 because I'm booked solid through the end of the month, but it'll be going to Sony next month for
Re: Adapter SD Card Media problems ...again..a painful lesson in production
by Ilya Spektor 10 years ago
After long hesitations I 'bit a bullet' and did it myself... Just read and follow the instructions carefully. It is recommended to power the camera from AC and have battery attached also. I did it wit
EX 1 card Recovery
by Jeff Cowan 10 years ago
Hi all, I'm having a problem importing a clip from a card after shooting with an EX1. I got a media restore message on the camera and I selected restore on the card, after that all my clips are transf
Re: EX 1 card Recovery
by Ilya Spektor 10 years ago
You can try these freeware programs to recover the clip: TestDisk http: wiki TestDisk and PhotoRec http: wiki PhotoRec ___________________________ Thank you.
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