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Zoom out to another BG
by Ido steven 2 weeks ago
Hello everyone very urgent! I work on after effect and want to create the next thing: Zoom in to the face of one character and then, when i zoom out the character will be in another environment and in
Re: Zoom out to another BG
by Graham Quince 2 weeks ago
You re going to need to hide a transition (fade) from one shot to another during the camera move. A simple morph can help with this. Chris Zwar s morph tutorial might help: https: library.creativecow.
Motion graphic comp
by Ido steven 1 month ago
hello everyone. In my daily practice, I'm trying to concentrate in video explainer (with vectors mainly) and I find it very hard to decide where to start the comp, where to put the object, maybe left
Re: Motion graphic comp
by Ido steven 1 month ago
Hey Thomas thanks for the answer. Is there a place where can i upload video and get pro review I think it will help me a lot!
Two mask one text
by Ido steven 1 month ago
Hello! What if i have video with people walking by and a text layer on it. and.. i want the text to be shown except the moment people pass by it. i ran into a problem cause.. im using one mask to cove
Re: Two mask one text
by Greg Gesch 1 month ago
Hi. Make a keyframe for the mask at the position you've shown. Move ahead one frame and position the mask offscreen if you don't need it any more.
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