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Ingesting AVCHD Footage into FCP7
by Sascha Engel 8 years ago
I have material, that was shot on a Panasonic AF-101, AVCHD Codec. Now, I am ingesting it into FCP 7. I read frequently in the last days, that when ingesting AVCHD Material, Apple ProRes LT is more th
Re: Ingesting TZ30 AVCHD Footage into FCP7
by Ian Lynn 7 years ago
Anyone else having a problem ingesting AVCHD from a Panasonic Lumix into FCP 7 using Log and Transfer All info I can find says this is the correct method, with the proviso that the indicated clip dura
"unsupported media"
by Bob Cole 8 years ago
I just had a scare that turned out fine, but raised several questions for me, regarding XDCAM files. I'm in the last days of editing (FCP7) a 20-minute video that I have been shooting and editing sinc
Re: "unsupported media"
by Ian Lynn 8 years ago
Thanks again Bob. I'm sure it's not the BPAV folder itself, because XDCAM Transfer and XDCAM Browser see it fine right away on MBP. After further reading, I realise that from inside FCP I can use File
Canon 600D and FCP 7
by Douglas Gentry 8 years ago
I cannot find the plugin to get the Canon 600D to work with FCP 7 (for log and transfer). I can do it with footage from the Canon 5D, no problem. Has anyone had issue with the Canon 600D with log and
Re: Canon 600D and FCP 7
by Ian Lynn 8 years ago
I also have a problem with 600D footage in FCP Log and Transfer. I think this is because the Canon plugin for FCP is looking for pairs of files, one .mov and one .thm for each clip. Problem is that, u
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