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Re: Article: NAB 2012: A Wide Open Future
by Bob Zelin 7 years ago
yea - do we really trust Apple to actually deliver a "new" Mac Pro in 2013. I certainly don't. Bob Zelin
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Re: One company listened
by Chris Jacek 8 years ago
David Roth Weiss "I'm still waiting by my mailbox for a new version of the old brand with the original odor..." Physical software in the mail ! ! That's so June 20th. Professor, Producer, Editor and
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Re: MacOX Lion is here!!
by Brad Bussé 9 years ago
Yes, here's hoping that Lion lives up to it's name rather than resembling 10.7: Hello Kitty. And here's hoping that Final Cut Pro 7 doesn't follow Quicktime Pro 7 into becoming "Final Cut X". We reall
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Re: MacOX Lion is here!!
by Andy Mees 9 years ago
There is ... look to the lower right of the post.
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