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Andrew Devis
Ian Hagerty 6 years ago
Andrew, how are you doing? Do you remember me? I am CHEWY... the one and only. I hope the force is still strong with you. I have a quick question and an even quicker comment. Now that I am getting more comfortable with AE, I have a question regarding the final exported product. Should you render at top quality before you add it to the render que or can you add your video (without it being ram previewed at top quality) and still export it?

P.S. Would you like to watch my video I made from last year? It is ''Magnificent'' by U2. I hope you are doing well. You are the master YODA of vid tutorials.
Andrew Devis 6 years ago
Hi Chewy, good to hear from you :o) by all means send me the link, I'd love to see it! No need to render or ram preview prior to adding to the render queue, just make sure that the render setting are [more]
Ian Hagerty 6 years ago
Thanks for taking the time (as always) to respond to my question. Do you know of any plugin for after effects which is comparable to the strobe dissolve effect for FCP Here is my video: https: www.you [more]
Andrew Devis 6 years ago
Ian! Loved it! Well done :) Really great to see the fruit of your work and I can see why the students loved it as well you should be really proud! As for transitions, I don't know the particular one y [more]
Ian Hagerty 6 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement Andrew. I love video editing. The challenge of trying to do something unique and different is what gets me excited day in and day out. In reference to my above question, I [more]
Andrew Devis 6 years ago
Hi Ian, you want the 'timewarp' effect! It comes in at 50% speed by default. So simply put it back at 100% and animate the speed. I think it also comes in with pixel vector motion so is very high qual [more]
Ian Hagerty 6 years ago
as always... thanks again. I'll start a new thread when I start sewing again with my next question...haha. Have a good weekend. Next up for me I am working on two music videos (A) for my parents' 50th [more]
Mark names to text layer
by Fernando Mol 9 years ago
Hi, guys. I was wondering if there's a way to get the text from markers and place it as the source of a text layer. Thanks in advance *Always share a link to your site and rate the posts. This is a fr
Re: Mark names to text layer
by Ian Hagerty 7 years ago
Thanks Dan for getting back to me (much appreciated). Ian
Ian Hagerty 7 years ago
Hey Master Yoda.... I am really looking forward to posting my "Magnificent" video once it is completed for my first ever attempt using both Premiere Pro and After Effects. I have a question for you. If I make a HD video (most of my footage was shot in HD) for my next video, can I make a good quality SD video from the HD final video? It may sound like a stupid question, but going from HD to SD would be no problem, right? Thanks ... Chewy!
Andrew Devis 7 years ago
Hi Chewy You will have no problem going from HD to SD as long as in the Export Settings Dialogue Box you tick the check-box at the bottom left of the settings panel saying 'Use Maximum Render Quality' [more]
Ian Hagerty 7 years ago
Hey Master Yoda... thanks for the advice and encouragement. I have a question regarding time remapping and time warp. I understand the whole idea of frame interpolation and blending in AE. Do you need [more]
Andrew Devis 7 years ago
Hey Chewy, You could get away with just using time warp and to get the best results make sure you are choosing to use the pixel motion method (which should be the default setting). This is the highest [more]
Ian Hagerty 7 years ago
Master Yoda, I truly appreciate your input. I look forward to showing you the fruits of my labor. This may seem like a crazy question, but how does one go about learning PP and AE without feeling like [more]
Andrew Devis 7 years ago
HI Chewy Learning is an individule thing but the best ways to learn are to start by using it lots and lots because that puts what you know into long term memory. Then decide you are going to teach som [more]
Ian Hagerty 7 years ago
I know exactly what you mean seeing that I am a Master Yoda English teacher (lol). Regarding the world of video, I want to learn so much that it gets to be overwhelming and frustrating at times. My go [more]
Your plugins are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ian Hagerty 9 years ago
I am in the process of making a music video and I am simply amazed with the quality of your products. Thanks! I look forward to purchasing more of your amazing products in the future...keep it going!!
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