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color match in a feature film work flow
by Ma Fu 5 years ago
Hi I'm color grading a feature film that was shot with a RED camera and I need help with the conforming process. I'm using Davinci Resolve 11 and I was planning on reading the color chart to use "colo
Re: color match in a feature film work flow
by Ian Carleton 5 years ago
I second this question! Copy grades from a separate timeline that hosts the frames that have the colour charts cued up I'm trying to find an easier way.
Davinci Resolve GPU
by ahmed aborady 6 years ago
we getting a new mac pro for davinci resolve and we are so confused about GPU setup what we already ordered is Q4000 4k extreme Decklink card we wanted to know whats the best other Graphics card i got
Re: Davinci Resolve GPU
by Eric Hansen 6 years ago
according to this test on Barefeats.com, the 570 and 580 hold an edge over the 680 in simple Resolve 9 tests: http: www.barefeats.com rogue04.html e Eric Hansen Production Workflow Designer Consultant
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