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FCP7 problems
by Rob Dunford 3 years ago
Hi, I'm using FCP7 for a multi-track (24 video tracks) edit and having problems! I guess I shouldn't be surprised with such an old software, but are there any solutions to the constant 'out of memory'
Re: FCP7 problems
by ILan Azoulai 3 years ago
If an FCP7 project file is greater than 100MB (yes, MB) then you are prone to crash the application and memory errors. I had that constantly while working on my documentary and discovered it in one of
XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error
by Jeff Griswold 7 years ago
I've been exporting xml's from old projects (FCP 7) and had great success. However, a few projects get the xml translation error when I am trying to export. I've searched the web and can't find a real
Re: XML Translation was aborted due to a critical error
by ILan Azoulai 5 years ago
Thank you for that. Also, if there are characters in ANY of the fields in the file description in the browser, FCP will get the error.
FCP 7 Multiclip Playback
by Paul Hartel 8 years ago
Hi folks, Long time since I've worked with multiclip in FCP. And I've got multiclips, 6 7 cameras. Everything's been set up by a very capable AE and that's fine, but I can't get the playback to work t
Re: FCP 7
by ILan Azoulai 6 years ago
Hi Shane, I am running into what i think is the same problem here i am trying to export a quicktime movie of one of the clips from the multi cam that is on the same sequence as the rest of the clips.
Final cut 7 error playing clips after certain upgrades on LION 10.7
by ILan Azoulai 6 years ago
Hi, I have been using 10.6.8 with FCP 7.03 while on a project. every so often tcp will crash unpredictably. after having a major hardware issue, I upgraded to Lion and before applying both the 7.03 Pr
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