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Someone to convert {AE_CS4} to {AE_CS3}
by Christopher Rotter 9 years ago
I'm looking for someone who has After Effects CS4 & After Effects CS3 and could load a simple After Effects CS4 project and convert it to After Effects CS3 then save the file in After Effects CS3
Re: Someone to convert {AE_CS4} to {AE_CS3}
by Howard Zryb 9 years ago
I am guessing that since the new features available in CS4 are not compatible with CS3, you can't open a CS4 project in CS3. What would be nice, however, is that a project would be able to open, and w
Live sports graphics package
by Ian Collister -- email is bouncing 10 years ago
Hi all Anybody know if the likes of the bbc or sky use a specific package for all their on screen sports graphics Im not thinking of the 'look' that they achieve (i would imagine they are all pre rend
Re: Live sports graphics package
by Howard Zryb 10 years ago
Not sure what piece of equipment does BBC's graphics, but I can tell you from experience the major pieces of equipment that is used in the U.S. ('cause that's my buisness!) The Chyron Duet and Avid De
How to resize HD to NTSC?
by Inacio Nehme 11 years ago
How to resize HD to NTSC I'm hoping someone can help me with this... The current comp size and details are: HD 1280 x 720 (Square pixels) 16:9 29.97 FPS, and I need to resize that to NTSC 720 x 480 4:
Re: How to resize HD to NTSC?
by Howard Zryb 11 years ago
I have a project set up for just this purpose... I do it a lot... I render the HD clip at whatever the full resolution of the particular project is (720p or 1080) and import the clip. I have a couple
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