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Resolve 16 vs FCPX
by Oliver Peters 1 year ago
So how do you folks think Resolve 16 stacks up against FCPX Anyone jumping ship - Oliver Oliver Peters - oliverpeters.com
Re: Resolve 16 vs FCPX
by Hendrik Martz 7 months ago
Michael Gissing "I use Resolve Studio on PC and lots of VST plugins including iZotope. I do not have stability issues. A crash is rare. It's important for people to realise that combinations of softw
Media Composer sudden Proxy problem
by Hendrik Martz 1 year ago
Hello, all of a sudden my MC has a problem with proxy workflow. I habe HD Prores 422 filed, which I link via AMA into a bin. I then click consolidate transcode. I select the target drive drive and bas
Dropped Frames and artifacts > Capturing BetacamSp with HD Extreme
by Hendrik Martz 2 years ago
Hello, For a project I want to digitize BetacamSp to ProRes using a HD Extreme Card and a Sony UVW-1800P. I want to edit in FCPX but since I cannot get a signal into it, I am using PrPro for Capturing
FCP-X for documentaries (with details)
by Bill Davis 5 years ago
As I recently posted on FCP.co... Wait, I'm confused. I've heard that FCP X is is good for some workflows but not for others. Folks say you can successfully cut Movies and Commercials and Corporate Wo
Re: FCP-X for documentaries (with details)
by Hendrik Martz 2 years ago
"But the UI performance simply isn t there." That has definately to do with 7tox. Every time I used that,the performance was awful. Best practise: Export from fcp7 xml open in resolve export from reso
Ultrastudio MIni Monitor does not show up in Applications
by Hendrik Martz 4 years ago
Hello, I have the following problem: I have connected the Ultrastudio Mini MOnitor to my iMac (Running yosemite) via a thunderbolt cable. It gets recognized by the Blackmagic Desktop Software (10.8.1)
Monitoring on non-retina Mbp
by Hendrik Martz 4 years ago
Hello, i have the following question: I have a 2012 non-retina MBP with one TB-port. If I attach a TB Display, it would give me a 2nd display and an additional TB-Port. Is it possible to attach a BMD
Re: Monitoring on non-retina Mbp
by Hendrik Martz 4 years ago
Thanx for the reply. What kind of BMD device you have, that has two TB outs Hendrik
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