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August 10th 2017
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Trouble with Embedding from Vimeo
by Hayden Cook 1 week ago
Hey guys, I'm trying to post my showreel from Vimeo into a forum post, I have been following the instructions from this link - https: library.creativecow.net articles lindeboom_kathlyn whipped_cream.p
Video: Cookd Motion Graphics Reel
by Hayden Cook 1 week ago
Cookd Motion Graphics Reel Hi guys, would love to hear some feedback in my new reel, contains a mixture of my recent commercial work. Thanks for watching! watch demo reel
Service: Cook'd Video
by Hayden Cook 1 week ago
Christchurch Canterbury, New Zealand Animation   Design Cook'd Video Motion Graphics     3D & 2D Animation     Production Studio Cook'd Video - Founder & Lead Designer 2yrs -
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