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Graphics animation
by Havalilsi 12 years ago
I've doing basic editing on Premiere for a couple years now. I first started with 6.X then went to Pro 1.5 and now 2.0. a friend of mine recently gave me a project he created on Final Cut and he had s
Re: Graphics animation
by Havalilsi 12 years ago
I was afraid you'd say that,for some reason I have a fear of the new after effect, I guess I better start digging into the tutorials. Thanks for the answer
firewire recognition
by Josh Snider 12 years ago
I'm an FCP user, trying to get used to Premiere Pro 7.0. I can't seem to get Premiere to recognize my mini-dv camera. I've checked the Preferences, and have set the Device Control to 'DV Device Contro
Re: firewire recognition
by Havalilsi 12 years ago
What did you use to capture before you got Premiere Pro
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