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AE Duik Plugin Error
by Hana Kim 6 years ago
Hello, I am working with Duik plugin for After Effect and it is suddenly giving me an error which it never gave me before. It keeps saying.. invalid numeric result(divided by zero ) expression disable
Re: AE Duik Plugin Error
by Joe Presser 4 years ago
Just to anyone looking to fix this, I just had this error. I think it comes from when an anchor point of a bone isn't touching part of the parent.
Lock Position of Layers after using expressions
by Hana Kim 8 years ago
Hi, I am relatively new to AE scripting. I have searched for a similar topic in the forum but could not find a exact answer I am looking for. I saw this tutorial about making CG snake. http: library.c
Re: Lock Position of Layers after using expressions
by Dan Ebberts 8 years ago
Look at the last three examples on this page: http: www.motionscript.com mastering-expressions follow-the-leader.html It's a different approach that keeps the spacing between layers. Dan
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