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DNxHR HQX not playing back
by Guy Handelman 3 weeks ago
I'm having trouble playing back footage in a timeline. The footage "stutters" while the audio plays at normal speed. The clips are imported at DNxHR HQX (3840x2160) at 23.98 fps. The project settings
Re: DNxHR HQX not playing back
by Guy Handelman 1 week ago
So Shane was right (as he so often is). USB 3 is NOT fast enough for UHD footage. I bought a thunderbolt cable and that did the trick. Thanks everyone.
Time Compression repeats sound
by Guy Handelman 4 months ago
Hi everyone. I recently updated to the new Media Composer 2019.12.0. I always use the Time Compression Expansion plugin from the AudioSuite to speed a clip up while keeping the same pitch. Back on the
Function keys option no longer exists for me
by Guy Handelman 1 year ago
I use a Logic keyboard with Avid keys on it. I am in the process of switching computers and want to be able to use the function keys (F1, F2, etc.) on my Logic keyboard. Unfortunately, the new compute
User folders get created when I open a bin in another project
by Guy Handelman 2 years ago
My coworkers and I work in multiple projects. Occasionally, one of us opens a bin from "Project A" while working in "Project B." Later, someone goes into "Project B" and notices that a folder with not
Re: User folders get created when I open a bin in another project
by Brent Marginet 2 years ago
I've seen this bug for a long time with no solution. I get around it by either copying or moving the .avb bins from one project folder to another. I generally move them so that I don't have to try and
System sounds muted while Avid is running
by Guy Handelman 3 years ago
Whenever I'm running Avid Media Composer, it somehow takes over my system and mutes all other sounds. This is frustrating for a number of reasons, but particularly because I often like to audition sou
Re: System sounds muted while Avid is running
by Guy Handelman 3 years ago
Thanks everyone who commented. The solution we found was to update the drivers and firmware on our AJA 4K, then enable Main App and Host Audio within the Audio Mixer settings of the AJA Control Panel
AAF and wav files
by Guy Handelman 7 years ago
Question: How do you take an unembedded AAF file and several thousand wav files and link them together in Avid Situation: When receiving material from a sound mixer, I am used to receiving an embedded
Re: AAF and wav files
by Richard Sanchez 7 years ago
First, close the bin with the offline media. The WAV files are most likely avid media that needs to go into an OMFI MediaFiles folder. On the root of your hard drive, create a folder called "OMFI Medi
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Exporting at full resolution
by Guy Handelman 13 years ago
I'm making a 3-minute animated cartoon on Final Cut Pro using high resolution graphics I created on After Effects and Photoshop. When I export, render, or play my master sequence in the canvas or Quic
Re: Exporting at full resolution
by John Pale 13 years ago
FCP does not show video at full resolution in the canvas. Quicktime Player does not show DV at full resolution unless you check "High Quality" playback in the Movie Properties window. You can only jud
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