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XDCAM import/export
by Eric Sternberger 8 years ago
Hi Cow, I didn t test FCPx yet, because of all the shortcomings regarding professional use... But the new Version with Broadcast-Monitoring and XML-Output seems worth a try. But: What about XDCAM impo
Re: XDCAM import/export
by Gustavo Seabra 8 years ago
That's too bad that we don't have this plugin yet.
PDW-U1 Copy fail error
by Sarah Bright 8 years ago
Hi, we have a Sony PDW-U1 XDCAM deck. We need to put FCP Consolidates onto XDCAM disc as a deliverable. I had a test of doing this a couple of months ago using the 'U1 Utility' to format the disk to r
Re: PDW-U1 Copy fail error
by Gustavo Seabra 8 years ago
Hi Ian, my email is Thanks, Gustavo
Trouble exporting from FCP to XDCAM PDW-U1
by Geir Ove 8 years ago
I'm having trouble using the export to XDCAM function in FCP. The export goes fine but when I try to mount the XDCAM disc with with XDCAM transfer og play it on a XDCAM deck I get this error message:
Re: Trouble exporting from FCP to XDCAM PDW-U1
by Gustavo Seabra 8 years ago
Hi, i'm having the same problem right now. Coul you fix this in anyaway Thank you very much if you can share your results. Gustavo
1:1 pixel mapping
by Gustavo Seabra 11 years ago
Hi everyone... Im about to buy a edit system and im in doubt of matrox MXO2 or the Multibridge pro. One thing that i like on the MXO2 is the ability to send 1:1 pixel mapping for the HDMI monitor that
Re: 1:1 pixel mapping
by Kristian Lam 11 years ago
Hi Gustavo, 1:1 pixel monitoring is really a feature of the HDMI monitors and the HDMI output of Multibridge Pro simply sends out the requested picture format. If you're monitoring SD video, then SD v
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