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May 16th 2019
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Issues on shadows in Cinema 4D
by Guilherme Paulino 2 months ago
Hi there! I m rendering simple scenes using either Physical or Standard engines in Cinema 4D. I turned on Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion settings. I m using Team Render as well with 4 ident
Re: Issues on shadows in Cinema 4D
by Brian Jones 2 months ago
I didn't render with Team Render much and haven't at all for a while. The still looks like the sort of like the old days with mismatching processors FPU's but with matching iMacs (and that mismatch th
Troubles when exporting an image with Team Render
by Guilherme Paulino 1 year ago
Hey guys ! I've been trying to export a simple image using Team Render R17 on five iMac. But the final render just look kinda pixelated. I've done this before, but I never had this result. Does anyone
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