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Motion Blur Materials
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Hello, I am creating a scene in which I need motion blur. However, i need to blur the material as it moves, not just giving the object motion blur. So for example, I have car wheel that is textured an
Re: Motion Blur Materials
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
I actually just finally figured it out! Just in case anyone else has this problem, you just right click on the object and go to object properties and change the part under motion blur from "object" to
Keying out Black Artifacts in White areas
by Brian Simons 9 years ago
I recently exported a finished wedding movie as an uncompressed AVI from Premiere Pro CS5. After that export, which was luckily to a different drive, the drive with the original project died and all I
Re: Keying out Black Artifacts in White areas
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Ok I just tried it with your jpeg you posted and it worked for me. Just one thing, when you put the minimax effect on, switch the operation from "maximum" to "maximum to minimum"
Flatten video layers?
by Alex Levenko 9 years ago
Hello, Im a new user with adobe after effects. My question is, how do you flatten video layers I'm cutting and pasting video clips together, but each time I cut and paste I make a new layer which uses
Re: Flatten video layers?
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Actually weather its a .avi or .mov file does not determine how big the file is or the quality. Its the compression and codec. The .mov extension just is the container. Your .avi files you render out
AE motion tracking of zoom and pan
by steve dann 9 years ago
Having studied hard I think I've got a reasonable grip of AE motion tracking, using multiple null objects to track objects in and out of frame but I'm stumped how to do this ... I'd like to superimpos
Re: AE motion tracking of zoom and pan
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Sounds like your moving on more deeper then just the simple AE tracker. Start looking into Mocha, it comes with AE cs4. You can easily find tutorials online just google it. There is also a few on this
Regarding my upcoming animation short project
by arne digernes 9 years ago
Hello CC members. This is my first post in this forum and i don't think it will be my last, i'm a 17 year old media student. I'm an aspiring to take a high degree in animation and VideoFX at a college
Re: garding my upcoming animation short project
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
I've never used blender personally. But you can't beat free. I use 3ds max. Anyways 3d modeling can be fun and exciting, but be prepared to run into endless frustrations and problems and things not wo
Advanced Car Hit Trouble
by Nolan Beguhl 9 years ago
I'm doing the advanced car hit tutorial on Videocopilot and I can't seem to fix this. It highlights the composite of myself when I place it over onto the car. Here's how it looks: http:
Re: Advanced Car Hit Trouble
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Its nearly impossible to tell what is wrong with your project from the image you supplied, being that I cannot see any of the layer properties and which layer is which. My only guess is the mask feath
Help with AE Intro!
by Shaun Gleadall 9 years ago
I am having trouble making an intro from this tut. Would someone here be able to do it for me It is pretty easy, but I am very new to AE and don't understand how everything works yet. Here is the tut:
Re: Help with AE Intro!
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
If it is easy then why not do it yourself Wouldn't it be good experience Also you say its for a production company, but the production company cannot even produce its own logo Not much of a production
distribute layers evenly
by Andy Engelkemier 9 years ago
I hope this is easy because I hate doing math, especially if it's not in frames. So here's the situation: I set up a nice text layer at the beginning, I have 6 more (just for instance), then I set up
Re: distribute layers evenly
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Seems to me that in the amount of time it took to write this all out and wait and get a reply, download the plugin (if there is any) that it would be quicker to just do the math. VFX and motion graphi
Exporting in DVCPRO HD 720
by Hunter Hempen 9 years ago
As displayed in the title, I am working with some footage from my campus's video services department that requires to be imported in DVCPRO HD 720 23.03789879879879787 fps etc etc. The problem is, onc
Re: Exporting in DVCPRO HD 720
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
The squashing of the video is because of the PAR (pixel aspect ratio). After Effects displays all footage in square pixels until you click the correct pixel aspect ratio button the on bottom of the co
After Effects Luma Matte on 3D layer
by Eoin Ryan 9 years ago
Hello I have a problem creating a Luma Matte for a 3D layer in my project. I've selected the Base Layer (which is a 3D Layer, a black & White image) as my Luma Inverted matte, the top layer's visibili
Re: After Effects Luma Matte on 3D layer
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Unless I'm missing something, you can just precompse. Make the matte and use the track matte set to luma inverted like u wanted, then precomp it and use that comp in your 3d layer
Exporting 720p AE work for Youtube
by Adam Troup 9 years ago
I have been experimenting with different export options in After Effects CS4 for uploading to youtube for client feedback. Does anyone know the best codec settings for best quality 720p Thanks Adam ht
Re: Exporting 720p AE work for Youtube
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Render out the highest quality lossless file from AE then compress it in a different program like compressor, media encoder, or soreson. AE shouldn't be used for compression. I usually compress to a m
pixel aspect ratio
by Marc Nibor 10 years ago
pixel aspect ratio - i repeatedly bumped into problems since years. right now i need to cut a compilation from a few clips which are divx and xvid compressed. i figured out already that it's not possi
Re: pixel aspect ratio
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Your problem is when you covert your footage. I've never used that software (I prefer soreson squeeze). But you need to maintain your Aspect Ratio. You are converting it into 480p which is why your fo
lens flare
by Douglas Willey 10 years ago
Hey All, Recently shot a wedding with two cameras, one of which developed a green semi transparent lens flare. This camera was not moved, is it possible to remove or mask this Thank you, Doug
Re: lens flare
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Sorry for such a late response. Simple answer - No Complex answer - theoretically it is possible but would require advanced vfx knowledge and skills and countless hours of rotoscoping and masking and
movie formates
by Donald Christensen 9 years ago
I'm brand new to film. Can anyone recommend a website that explains the different formats For example, what is an AVI file I need a quick download speed but I also want quality. I need to know what th
Re: movie formates
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
Another good tip is to export your video into the highest possible quality, then compress it in another program (adobe media encoder, soreson squeeze, compressor). That way you can practice compressin
cs4 AE Stops Previewing
by Bruce Fraser 9 years ago
My previews for this one project I'm working on stop at 7sec 17 frames. For the life of me I can not figure out why. If I move the work area around it still will only preview 7 sec 17 frames. I tried
Re: cs4 AE Stops Previewing
by Greg Robbins 9 years ago
http: thread 424030
action essentials 2 problem with after effects
by craig brown 10 years ago
I downloaded Action Essentials 2 and I saw some videos about how you get it on Adobe After Effects but I can't figure out how to install it add it to After Effects.
Re: action essentials 2 problem with after effects
by Greg Robbins 10 years ago
There is nothing to install, you just import the footage from the dvd or folder you downloaded from into AE just like you would import any other footage
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