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Can someone please explain what "Pedestal" is
by Martin Kruul 3 years ago
My keying techniques are getting better and better each day - but can someone please finally explain exactly what Pedestal is All I know of it is that it's "the thing that I want to boost all the way
Re: Can someone please explain what "Pedestal" is
by Steve Brame 3 years ago
"And yes, we are working towards a PC version in the near future, all being well." Wow! Never thought I'd hear those words regarding a FX Factory plug in. I'll be your first purchase! Steve Brame crea
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Project Manager "Unknown Error"
by Mollie Reeder 3 years ago
Hi there all. I hope someone can help. I edited a feature film and the colorist is ready to start grading. This is my first feature so the colorist walked me through his preferred workflow. He told me
Re: Project Manager "Unknown Error"
by Greg Koronowicz 3 years ago
Disabling "Include Preview Files" did the trick for me. Thank you.
Paint Skin Weights problem
by dean chapman 8 years ago
I am running into annoying problems while using the Paint Skin Weights Tool. Whenever i want to get rid of weight for some geometry, I usually select a bunch of vertices with the lasso tool, then sele
Re: Paint Skin Weights problem
by Greg Koronowicz 6 years ago
That sounds plausible. I kept deleting weights from the bottom of my dinosaur. I would go to one hip, delete the weights, go to hip number 2, clean up and delete weights then go back to hip 1 and the
Media Encoder H264-MP4 glitch
by Greg Koronowicz 6 years ago
Using Media Encoder CS6 on a Mac running 10.6.8. When I create an MP4 file, I get a white glitch on a few frames at times. The glitch would be consistent if I redid the export again. I play the file
Rendering in AE - What causes this?
by john coleyshaw 6 years ago
What causes my ramped background to render out like this This is how it should look ...and this is what is happening. Previous renders have been fine - I don't know what exactly I did to make it start
Re: Rendering in AE - What causes this?
by Greg Koronowicz 6 years ago
I finally found someone that has the same issue I do. I get this glitch when I render out from Premiere CS6 and After Effects CS6 via Media Encoder CS6. I use the H264 encoder and I get this glitch wh
Making vertices larger
by Giorgio Renna 8 years ago
Hi I'm working in Maya 2011 and I've been trying to make the default vertex size bigger. I tried increasing the slider in Preferences Display Polygons Vertex size but to no avail. What am I missing
Re: Making vertices larger
by Greg Koronowicz 7 years ago
How did you make them bigger
Mixing 1440 clips in 1920 FCP timeline
by Greg Koronowicz 9 years ago
I have a couple of camera ops bringing back footage. They are all 1920x1080 except one is HDV 1440x1080. I want to put them all in the same FCP sequence. I plan on using the AppleProRes422 codec setti
Re: Mixing 1440 clips in 1920 FCP timeline
by Greg Koronowicz 9 years ago
The clip comes in ok, and though it was shot in 1440, it does come in at 1920. My issue, if there even is an issue, is that the timeline I'm working in has square pixels. The 1440 video I'm importing
Please share your P2 horror stories
by Chris Monette 12 years ago
We're thinking of going the P2 route and we're pretty confident that it is the way we will go, but I would like to know what the worst is that could happen. I like the security of having a shot tape t
Re: Please share your P2 horror stories
by Greg Koronowicz 11 years ago
The first time I directly used the P2 system was the worst time. I've heard people losing data before and it certainly seems it's a confusion of workflow and data was my misadventure.
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