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Premiere Pro Feature Film Workflow
by Ted Bezaire 1 year ago
Hi All! I'm working on a feature film this summer and we're shooting on and Alexa Mini 4k and editing on Premiere Pro CC. We plan to finish 2k. I'm looking for a best practices workflow from on set, t
Re: Premiere Pro Feature Film Workflow
by Giulio Dimitri 9 months ago
Many thanks for your kind reply Oliver, so with unique file names you mean a different file name between the graded and the original Yeah i know that clips with the same name are a nightmare for Premi
FCP7 Resolve 10 roundtrip issue
by Giulio Dimitri 5 years ago
Hi, i'm quite new to Resolve, but the issue i have looks really weird: I just graded a project edited in FCP7.Once i get back to FCP everything looks fine except some clips that have a totally differe
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