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Filmmaker / Video Editor /3D Artist / Photographer

Currently studying Film Technology and Visual Effects - BSc (Hons)
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April 1st 2019
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Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Hi, my name is Giorgos (George) Othonos 22 years old, I am a student at Birmingham City University (Bsc Film Technology and Visual effects, First year) .

Before that i was for two years at Cyprus University of Technology to study Multimedia, also i did Foundation studies in art and design.

At the Cyprus University of Technology I have successfully organize and create Student Cut Film Society and they elect me as their president, and now we have make one short film that we have send at Colchester film festival. At the short film I was responsible for making all the necessary arrangements so everything goes as plan, I rent the equipment and the location from the University and arrange the meetings for the staff , also I was responsible for the shooting days and the post production process.

Besides my academic qualifications I have also accumulated certain software’s ( Premier pro cc 2018 , Audition cc 2018 , Houdini Indie , Fusion 9 education) skills valuable for any industry.
I developed strong communication and I have also worked as part of a team during the past academic semester, in order to create a short film for the Colchester film festival: 60 hour film challenge. I have also worked as an intern with local directors and directors of photography such as Nikos Avraamidies, George Avraam, Constantinos Patsalidies and Stavros Papageorgiou. Also I have worked by myself in different companies as a freelancer, for example Limassol theater Rialto, Prestigio , and Heard Cyprus. Inside the university I created and coordinate the SCFS ( Student Cut Film Society ) in order to create short films with the other students .
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