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Strange "Repeater" Effect
by Gigi Marzo 2 months ago
Hi... I'd like to replicate the "effects" of this video ( https: 1wl5BbUg05M t=120 ) at 2':01'' (the tunnel inside the mouth), I wonder: is it possible to do it easily with after effects Than
Re: Strange "Repeater" Effect
by Gigi Marzo 2 months ago
thank u in advance... but, could you show me an example
"Expand" Edges
by Gigi Marzo 7 months ago
Hi, I am working for a school exercise on the following project: https: KVZjMYFmwZI (it is only the interested part) As I said several times, post-production is not taught and so I ask you ..
Re: "Expand" Edges
by Gigi Marzo 6 months ago
Thank u so much... Could I put some irons in the fire here If possible to add a picture -like a poster- on the "yellow paper" and simulate a realistic taer on wallpaper Do I make myself clear I'll try
Elastic / Stretch body part
by Gigi Marzo 1 year ago
Hi, for a school project I'd like to "stretch" a neck of a girl. To recreate a "Modigliani's real piece". The final result should be like this: Example1 Example2 So I have to flex extend the neck only
Re: Elastic / Stretch body part
by Wayne Graham 1 year ago
Please provide more detail about your project; Are you using shape layers Artwork created in Illustrator Photoshop Animated stretching or cut to the stretch Many ways to stretch a neck... :P THANKS !!
Animated "paintings"
by Gigi Marzo 2 years ago
Hi, I have an oil paint picture and the watercolor other one (both are digital draw with no layers), I'd like to animate all of both paintings just like this or this one, so with that movement of line
"door-face" effects
by Gigi Marzo 2 years ago
Hi, I was wandering if it's possible to do this "door-face" effect with after effects only (without the aid of another software, maybe 3-D modeling, I don't know)... if yes, how could do it Uhm... -th
Re: "door-face" effects
by Gigi Marzo 2 years ago
Firstly... thank u. So, let me see if I have this correct - I'm sorry for my little english- I can use just the AE if I set up the shot on set (chroma key on face and maybe a green stuff in the hand).
Simulate (Magazine and/or Newspaper) Paper
by Gigi Marzo 3 years ago
Hi, I think that is the first time I write in this forum (photoshop), but I'm regular in "after effects". So I need an help. I'd like to simulate a magazine (old)paper for my artwork. Recently I'm get
Re: Simulate (Magazine and/or Newspaper) Paper
by Gigi Marzo 3 years ago
Sorry for late but a BIG thank u. :)
Order clip - Ripple
by Gigi Marzo 4 years ago
Hi! I have a lot of clips -more than 100- on the timeline (namely many cuts of a single clip), so I'd like to put in order it, that is to say to insert 24 blank frames between the single clips. Obviou
Re: Order clip - Ripple
by Joe Barta IV 4 years ago
I don't know of away to apply the space between them at the same time. Try this; Make a 24 frame black clip Copy it (Command V) Advance the cursor in the timeline to the next joint between clips using
Squash and stretch
by Gigi Marzo 4 years ago
Hi! As I wrote a few posts ago, I'm "playing" a little with motion and animation. Obviously beginner which I am, many times I have some problems during the process. Are a couple of days that indeed I
Re: Squash and stretch
by Gigi Marzo 4 years ago
yes, no decay works fine! Thank u! Im going OT if I ask another question about this effects (applied to the project)
Blood Text
by Gigi Marzo 4 years ago
Hi! I use illustrator and photoshop like a amateur, so Im nonspecialist, but I would like to do this text (effect ), so how can I do it Thank you in advance!!!
Re: Blood Text
by Gigi Marzo 4 years ago
As I imagined. Thank u a lot :)
Motion graphic (?)
by Gigi Marzo 5 years ago
Hi, I would produce a videoclip like this https: 31928186 Now I have any questions: 1) For example across the minute 1:41 to 1:43 and 1:50 to 1:54 how I do the animation like this on a perso
Re: Motion graphic (?)
by Stephen Smith 5 years ago
Take a look at this: http: lightstreak Stephen Smith Utah Video Productions Check out my Motion Training DVD Check out my Vimeo page
Gigi Marzo liked this 5 years ago
Scale, multiply it by 3 every 15 frames
by Gigi Marzo 6 years ago
Hi guys, I have a problem with after effects, I would start to use expressions, because I have an animation very long and I will have to apply the same operation until the end: Should I make sure that
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