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Do i need to upgrade my camera?
by Giacomo Tventi 4 years ago
Hi guys. I'm kind of new to the forum, and i have a problem that tortured me for the past few weeks. I've just released a new short film (no need for self-promotion, but if you want to check it out, h
Re: Do i need to upgrade my camera?
by Jason Jenkins 4 years ago
If you are looking for low light performance and are shooting with available light, check out the Sony A7S or A7Sll. You need an external recorder, like the Atomos Ninja Assassin, to get 4K out of the
Camera invert itself. What to do?
by Giacomo Tventi 5 years ago
Hi, i'm new to the forum. For the past years i've been dealing with a tedious problem: it seems that, if i orbit an after effect camera on its vertical axis, getting a "Top view" of the object, when i
Re: Camera invert itself. What to do?
by John Cuevas 5 years ago
Here's a link to a thread that has some links to some good camera tutorials and camera rig setups(makes controlling the camera easier) http: readpost 2 1031696 Johnny Cuevas, Ed
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