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No vegas 14?
by Rick Wise 5 years ago
I guess there's no update from 13 to 14 this year. Or did I miss something Rick Wise Cinematographer MFA BFA Lighting and Camera Instructor Academy of Art University San Francisco Bay Area http: www.R
Re: No vegas 14?
by Geoff Win 5 years ago
@Cosmin - I agree, I was totally underwhelmed by Catalyst. In it's defence however, the interface was a move in the right direction.
Two software Questions. SVP 13 and After FX
by Scott Francis 6 years ago
Hey All, Anyone aware of Sony's timeframe on SVP13 Also, anything I can use that is close to AFX I am pricing things out for my churches video program and I am looking for cost saving things. I REALLY
Re: Two software Questions. SVP 13 and After FX
by Geoff Win 6 years ago
You need Hitfilm Ultimate 2 from UK based It's $399 but there are offers usually from etc. Hitfilm features REAL 3D model import with shadows. In many ways it's superior to AFX
OpenGL crashes
by Geoff Win 7 years ago
Just started using ProAnimator 6.1 I have been having many error warning messages relating to OpenGL. I have not expereinced these errors before with AF and so I assume they are related directly to Pr
Re: OpenGL crashes
by Matt Rhodes 7 years ago
Hi Geoff. One way to minimize the time it takes for the ProAnimator UI to show itself is to remove any swatches that you don't think you'll need. There are four types of swatches: 1. Material Swatches
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