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Dallas, TX Based Freelance Sound-man and Cameraman.
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September 3rd 2011
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Source for Inexpensive Gaffers Tape?
by Thomas Hughes 8 years ago
I seem to fly through gaffers tape. I'm always having to buy more. I usually buy it from Markertek for $16 for 2" X 60 yards. Theirs is high-quality but after tax and shipping it's pretty expensive. D
Re: Source for Inexpensive Gaffers Tape?
by Geoff Tirrell 8 years ago
Ditto every time I have seen Cheap Gaff used it is the stuff that peals up paint or damages the clients building or leaves sticky residue all over.
3 pin XLR and audio
by Zach Rohrer 9 years ago
I'm relatively new to a lot of the audio side of film production. But I've been doing a lot of research lately on types of Mics, what to get for a typical movie set, etc.. And I recently learned that
Re: 3 pin XLR and audio
by Geoff Tirrell 8 years ago
The way it was always explained to me when I was starting out is that many things you hear in the world are really not stereo sound. For example somebody speaking to you like in dialogue, interviews e
Interference or bad amp?
by Adam Bernardi 8 years ago
Hi all, I'm an editor and I've got a pair of Event ALP5 powered monitors that I use with an iMac when I need to bring a project home. I've got a weird problem. One speaker crackles and pops when conne
Re: Interference or bad amp?
by Geoff Tirrell 8 years ago
Hmm, Ok new guy is going to give this one a crack. From what I gather it is both monitors getting the hum. You have tried a humbuckler, ground lift etc so it is likely not coming up the ground from th
SD 302 Question
by Dana Mroczek 8 years ago
Hello everyone, I have recently purchased by first Sound Devices 302 which I am very excited about. When I recieved the 302 there were a couple of minor issues with it, (pin on input two was broke, an
Re: SD 302 Question
by Geoff Tirrell 8 years ago
Just to clarify have you zeroed out the menu settings. One of the major differences between the 302 and your old fp-33 is that there is a software menu instead of dip switches. This actually allows yo
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