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Auto-Color manipulation question...
by Gates Bradley 4 years ago
I know people often rag on the Auto-Color Auto-Contrast Auto-Levels effect, but as I'm not a great colorist, I love it as a quick solution to normalize naturalize a look. No it doesn't always work, bu
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Re: Auto-Color manipulation question...
by Randy Mon 4 years ago
I have this exact same question! I want Adobe PP to do an auto color adjustment, but not a continuously adjusting color, but just a one and done, to avoid the constant change of color, but just help t
Adding markers to clips in the timeline...
by george manzanilla 7 years ago
Hello, new to CS6, via FCP7... Was wondering. is it possible to add markers to clips, NOT the timeline, while working in the timeline. I see you can pull the clip up in the viewer and add markers ther
Re: Adding markers to clips in the timeline...
by Gates Bradley 7 years ago
Just a note, as I was having the same question. I don't if this solution is for Windows, but although I have CS6, to edit the keyboard shortcuts you have to click on the application name, and the comm
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Exporting Quicktime HD from CS5
by Gates Bradley 8 years ago
I've looked around on other forums to no avail, but I'm trying to kick out a project as an HD ProRes quicktime. I know about how ProRes is an apple codec and all that, but I'm confused, still, as to w
Re: Exporting Quicktime HD from CS5
by Gates Bradley 8 years ago
Nevermind. A helpful friend from the good people at Arts & Labor in Austin, TX brought to my attention the scroll bar on the side of the video tab in the export menu. Ignorance it is on this one.
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