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Airbrush/natural looking grain
by Don Johnson 4 years ago
Looking to recreate an airbrush or natural sort of grain look in photoshop, a few examples attached but I just can't quite work out how it has been would be achieved - Any help appreciated! http: payl
Re: Airbrush/natural looking grain
by Gabrielle Azi 4 years ago
I'm not sure if you can actually tweak the airbrush settings to get those looks, you could try altering your Brush Presets though. It looks more of a case of adding Noise (especially the first image)
Image Manipulation
by Sir-Adrian Mwangudza 4 years ago
Started doing image manipulation in Photoshop.I wanted to add realistic blood on the wolves and the skulls.An ides on how i can achieve that. <a href='http: 10713 image-manipulat
Re: Image Manipulation
by Gabrielle Azi 4 years ago
You could download some blood brushes and then alter the layer mode to get the look to match your manipulation. Best place to look is usually DeviantArt or so I have found.
how to create this "ghost" effect
by petcov petru 4 years ago
how to create this "ghost" text effect like this can this be done in automated way only,i mean with filters effects or has to be done by hand i know how to do similar effects,but i want it exactly lik
Re: how to create this "ghost" effect
by Gabrielle Azi 4 years ago
Not sure if this will give you exactly what you're trying to get but I have created similar looks in the past by a mixture of motion blur, wave and duplicated layers. This looks like a variation of th
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