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Encore Motion Menu keeps encoding as interlaced!!
by Todd Stanton 8 years ago
Hi. First time poster. I've got this nagging problem and I cant figure our how to fix it! I am making a DVD (not BluRay) of all (shot HD - downgraded to wide SD)progressive footage. The menu is video
Re: Encore Motion Menu keeps encoding as interlaced!!
by Gabriel Souza 7 years ago
Hi Todd, having the same issue over here... Any luck
3D layer order problem
by peter burr 12 years ago
When working with complicated 3D layer compositions (with more than a few dozen layers) the layer order sometimes switches around in the composition when my camera moves along the z axis (zooming in a
Re: 3D layer order problem -- Sorry
by Gabriel Souza 11 years ago
Hi, Well, I was having the same problem here and tried different things to fix. In my case, I imported layers from photoshop and everything was fixed when I turned layer styles off. So, if you have an
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